So this is your first time commissioning me?

Welcome, and thank you for taking an interest in my work!

Starting Out

First you should have some idea of what you want. If you are interested in something I regularly commission, it will be featured both in my Pricing Catalog and listed on my Commission Request Form. Additionally for ease, they are listed below:

  • Character Portraits, Scenes, and Party Drawings *Digital Only
  • Bird Drawings, Portraits, Plates, and Scenes (including ecosystems and broods)
  • Creature Design and Drawings (living, extinct, mythical, alien, or otherwise)
  • Tattoo Design

If you are looking for something unlisted or are unsure what you want, don’t hesitate to contact me in the easiest way for you. Let me know what you are interested in! Alternatively, if you have no idea, we can work together to design something you will truly love.

Contact me in the easiest way for you! I check all regularly and usually respond within a day.

If you are ordering a regularly accepted commission and are ready to begin the process, you can go ahead and fill out a Commission Request Form. Please submit one form per commission, even if you want more than one drawing, submit that number of forms. This is so I may address each piece individually. You are always welcome to submit multiple commission requests at any time.

To complete a form, fill in the required personal information fields, select your desired commission type, and continue to the next page where you may answer as many or as few questions about the details of your commission as you like. There is plenty of space for you to go wild with the finest points and includes file sharing for reference pictures or documents. I truly am excited to read every detail, so don’t hesitate to submit that 10 page character backstory or 17 reference photos of your flock member!

Free Quote

No matter your request, quotes are always free!

Once I process and review your form, I will contact you via email with pricing estimates, a timeline for the project, and any further questions I may have.

I always welcome requests to add details or otherwise change a commission in progress! However, I reserve the right to charge additionally for any hours or materials needed to complete difficult changes, repetitive alterations, or additions you request be included.

Commission quotes do not include shipping, handling, or insurance.


Once we have settled on your commission details and a subtotal, I will send you the appropriate invoice through your preferred method of payment.

I only begin work with upfront payment through Venmo or Bitcoin. All prices are in USD.

I offer both incremental payments and custom-made, financially mindful payment plans for those in need. Simply let me know, either in your commission request or after receiving a quote, and we will find something that works for you!

If I cannot complete your commission to my standard for any reason, I will give you a full refund and my sincerest apologies.


Your commission will be placed at the bottom of the queue only after payment has been received, and I will notify you when I first begin work on your commission or if there are any major delays.

If there is a specific deadline for the art to be completed by, please let me know before making your payment. Depending on how long the queue is and how quickly you need it, I may ask for an additional charge to expedite your commission.


It is my policy to send you one email partway through my process to provide you with an official work-in-progress image. This is typically completed line-art or a detailed sketch depending on the medium. If you have any adjustments or minor additions you’d like done, it is at this point I need to know. Don’t worry; I’ll wait for your approval before moving forward!

For many projects, I check in several times throughout the process, either with questions, clarification, or a work-in-progress image. This is in an effort to ensure both of us are pleased with a finished piece, so I truly do want to hear any and all opinions you have.

Final Drafts

I take pride in my work and as such hold myself to a high standard of completion for all my final drafts.

Once I feel your commission is complete, I will email you a final draft. However, you are more than welcome to request I work more on the commission to get every detail you were looking for.

Please understand that should you want certain changes, alterations, or additions at this point it can be difficult to impossible depending on the media. As previously stated, I reserve the right to request additional payment for work which extends beyond the originally quoted and paid for commission.


Price Calculators:

If you have ordered a physical commission and are having it shipped, I will request shipping information with a photo of your final commission. I offer several shipping options depending on distance including international shipments as well as shipping insurance

After receiving your response with the required information I can give you a shipping invoice.

Once the invoice is paid, I will package and send your Flame Dreamer Art commission! Likewise I will inform you via email when your product is on its and provide you with a tracking number.

A friendly reminder that if you choose to independently calculate shipping costs to select packages which fit the dimensions of your commission.

Let’s build something together!